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Midlands Psychological Services offers a wide range of contracted services. In the past we have contracted with both the National Health Service and various Local Authorities, providing quality psychological services that compliment the already existing non-contracted staff.

This system has some distinct advantages:-

In the present Health Services environment, contracting out specific areas of psychological service enables the NHS Trust to cover short term absences without the need for expensive recruitment procedures. When Midlands Psychological Services are contracted into an NHS Trust we can be targeted towards a specific goal. As a result we practice Psychology and nothing else, reducing waiting lists and freeing up staff for other duties. Midlands Psychological Services is good value for money.

If your NHS Trust is in the process of transition, Midlands Psychological Services can provide short term staff to keep the available money within the system, again without the need for expensive recruitment procedures. We can start new programmes, train staff and set up procedures for group work, child services and forensic services. Once the programme is running and the staff fully trained the programme is turned back over to the Health Authority.

Midlands Psychological Services can provide psychological services to the Social Services, Probation Services, and Prison Service. From setting up individual sessions to group sessions, Midlands Psychological Services can provide it all. Our contracting services are not limited to social or health care, we can provide contracted psychological services to most institutions, companies or business. We also provide a Consultancy service, giving "one-stop" services, advice and information on a wide range of psychological topics.