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One of the many areas in which practising Clinical or Forensic psychologists are asked to contribute is when they are tasked with providing an assessment of the level of risk a person may pose to the general public or a section of the public. Such risk assessments occur when the Court is considering the sentence for a conviction or when a person is being considered for release or is about to be released from prison. Pre-sentence, Life Review Panel and Pre-release Risk Assessments are often requested by either the Courts or a Solicitor. At Midlands Psychological Services we have a long history of providing such reports to the Midlands area.

Our assessments typically follow a simple dictum – once instructed, we act entirely as a Friend of the Court. Although we may be instructed by one side, our reports are independent and objective.

At the end of our reports we may make a number of different recommendations to the Court based on the assessment. We have defended our reports in court and are willing to liaise with the Court after the assessment is completed to ensure that our recommendations and any concerns we may have are fully understood.